Sunday, November 30, 2003

good god will it ever end?

this weekend.

is it fucking monday yet???

how obvious is it that i've had a long and pukey weekend? day 5...

eh. we had fun last night. well, i did.

we had a welcome home party for our best friends and i drank just enough and lost all my money at poker and kicked ass at trivial pursuit and made a boy play pink floyd and zeppelin on his guitar and cooked up some mean jalapeno wontons and yaaaaaaaaaaaay for having best friends back in town.

so that was nice.

but overall, i'm just ready for a FUCKING break. (or a "fucking break", whichever...)

i really want to sell my children.

to a band of gypsies.

for five bucks.

might even throw in my husband.

his son was here all week and he had his cousin sleep over friday and spend the whole day saturday and i they fought a lot and ours cried a lot (you're fucking 7, could you please not cry more than my 3 year olds???) and now hubby's sick so i had to return grommet to mom, who lives about an hour away and i needed gas halfway there and discovered that the one card i had with me is expired so i had to write a check which meant i had to leave the kids in the car (locked the doors and hurried) for the 30 seconds it took to go inside...fuck.

AND there was a stupid accident so i was stuck in one spot for nearly 20 minutes.


and the worst part of the whole day.

i opened the cupboard under the sink to throw some trash in the trash can.

and i saw a little brown mouse run down the side of the can.

it was all in slow motion (not sure if that was because of the fear or the hangover).

and i let out a blood curdling scream.

i'm such a girl.

we live at the edge of our subdivision with only one small street between our house and a farm/its fields. full of mice, and it's winter. you do the math. still grosses me the fuck out.

so it's off to the mouse killing devices store. do they have one of those? i like the certainty of mouse traps: you know you caught the damn thing cuz it's still there, all squished and foul....(shudder). but i think i prefer the more sanitary guessing game of some kind of pellet that makes them wander off somewhere else to die. but i don't know. i want to KNOW it is/they are gone. i'm sure you're all on the edges of your seats, so i'll keep you posted on the mousecapades...


okay, time for something cheerful. um...still thinking. shit.'s about you play a little game of hide and go fuck yourself and i'll have something cheerful for you when you get back? either that or a bag of flaming poo at your front door.

well, that made me smile. hope you felt the cheer. (not the cheerleader, boys, just the cheer.) that reminds me, for some bizarre reason, that i have unconsumed liquore in the fridge. and also, i know how to spell liquor, but for some reaosn i 've suddenly learned how to not type.

must be a sign--au revoir, mes amies.

ah , french. maybe next i'll post in french.

and i'm going to get all crazy on your asses and try that audio blog thingy soon.

i didn't want to look like a boz/malone copy cat, but since the homepage of blogger is pushing it right now, i figure i can say i got the idea there. hey, we'll all know i'm lying, but who gives a shit? it's a don't ask don't tell sort of thing, okay? and did i say i was leaving? what? you bored already or somethin? im' just getting started (only i still can't mother fucking type for some pathetic reason).

okay okay. buy by .( good lord someone help my fingers!!)

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