Thursday, November 13, 2003

okay, i'm like, totally dying laughing!

i was talking a little while back about feeling old from reading some of these teeny boppers' blogs, some of you may recall....anyway, i was reading a site just now and a girl left a comment and she used the word "wicked" the way we new england folk use it, so i thought, what the hell, i'll check 'er out.

hee hee.

i started reading and was thinking, "dear god, save me from this!"

(yes, it takes the power of the Almighty to remove a web page from my site--it's not like i could hit the back button. which is the same reason i watched the whole paris video. i think He was watching too, cuz when i asked him to close that window, he didn't. damn him.)


so i read on, smiling and shaking my head...then i checked the girl's stats on her side bar.

she's fourteen.

i guess i can forgive her for saying "like" more often than i say "fuck". cute, after all. but still. if i'm glad i'm not 18 anymore, i'm friggin ecstatic that i'm not 14 anymore. freshman in high school. i'm shuddering at the thought...

snowed again. bleck. and i left my car in the driveway. WHYYY do i have a garage if i'm not going to use it when i need it the most??? it's not entirely my fault. well, okay, indirectly it's definitely my fault. in a couple of ways. obviously, i'm the one who left the car in the driveway....but the reason i did that was only sort of my fault. see, the garage door doesn't always open/close. the kids pushed the button so many times that it wore out the motor is it's kind of hit or miss...i am not tall enough to open it manually and keep it open high enough to get the god damn car out. (which is why sometimes i get stuck in there--talk about a wicked pissah!) SO...i'm lazy. we just need to replace the motor, etc, but that's where the problem comes in. The Mr. is into procrastina-shon (cajun man). oh well.

so, glory glory hallelujah (damn, this is a religious post!) twin B spent all of yesterday doing his "business" in the proper, adult fashion. that's right people. he's riding the potty train. of course, twin A is mad as hell and having no part of this bribery to pee thing. B caught on fairly quickly that each time he peed he would get another small toy or candy.

oh, the twin A, twin B reference started with the ultra sound. the one where i thought i'd just be finding out my due date and instead the grinning technician handed me a photo with two little black jelly beans in a gray kidney shaped vessel..."baby A and baby B..." she said pointing to each in turn. I shrieked. with joy, but had i known what lay ahead....nah, just kidding. they're the greatest.

okay, time to go give the kids some of that attention they're always after.....

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