Wednesday, November 05, 2003


in case I'm not the last to know, it appears that the fellows over at Beef Jerky Good are back in action. The new site is a tribute site...or not a tribute site, if you believe everything you read. Anywho. Good to see.

i'm feeling very uninspired today.

maybe it's because i haven't showered yet.

maybe it's because the kids are ornery today.

maybe it's because it's snowy and gray for like the 400th day in a row.

maybe it's because i want to write the great american novel, but don't have the time or focus to do it.

Maybe it's because i skipped the gym, and i'm telling myself that i'll go with the Mr. tonight--but i think we all know that's a crock.

Or it could just be because I haven't done anything wild for a long time. which reminds me. why the FUCK did Jasmine have to take a year off from her stupid phd program this year and leave me all alone out here in adventure land with no partner in crime? I think a best friend should be more important than a boyfriend sometimes. like when it comes to him holding her hostage in maine while i'm being held hostage in utah. not fair. dammmmmit. i have other friends here, but none to hike and ski and bike and climb with. not sure how that happened, since this place is sort of a hotspot for all those activities. maybe that's because i'm a reclusive snobby bitch. or just shy, depending on how you see me.

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