Thursday, November 20, 2003

today the part of stupid girl will be played by boredhousewife...

so i just remembered a couple of the stupidest things i've ever said.

now, i've said a lot of stupid things, in a lot of different situations.


these both fall into the "i mistakenly think i'm smarter than you" category....

1. freshman year, Brigham Young University (Utah) I'm walking across campus with a friend. there are people everywhere, it's that busy time of late morning. the people ahead of us are discussing our new president...bill clinton. one of them mentions that he must be smart because he "went to Cambridge."

are you ready for how smart Lisa thought she was?

in my best "you are a retard and i am god" voice, i say to my friend, "Cambridge is a city, not a university."

one of my best friends was at MIT, so that was the Cambridge i was thinking about...nice excuse, i know.

B. 3 or 4 years later, still have the "i'm better than the rest of you because i'm from the east coast" chip on my a baskin robins, waiting to order. one young ditzy girl says to another, "you're from Louisiana? is that by Texas?" okay, so mostly it just sounded funny, but the first words of derision that flew from my mouth to my friend's ear were "uh, no!" So, girlfriend was right, they ARE close together, but what a strange question.

but in my own defense, that attitude was born of such encounters as, "you're from Maine? is that a state?" and "do they speak english there?" and "wow, that's by canada, isn't it?" and other great classics.

i need therapy.


speaking of i'm obsessed with getting an acurate depiction of myself onto the site. since that first one is not a good picture, due to the excessive use of flash (which was my nickname after an 8th grade french class trip to quebec where i flashed the city from my 15th floor hotel room, in other words no one could have possibly seen from there. but it stuck nonetheless...) uh, anyway. so i i've taken like 463 pictures today, most of which were either blurry or double chinned. dammit.

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