Tuesday, November 25, 2003

someone kill me please

just call me angel of the morning?

ha fucking ha.

not me.

call me hitler of the morning.

call me linda blair of the morning.

call me ready to crawl to the couch and hide under a blanket while pacifying my ornery kids with that evil televisoin crap.

the boys have been waking me about two hours earlier over these past couple of weeks, and that's cool. as much as i loathe getting up early, i've sort of been enjoying it. see, i have never made a habit of getting up any sooner than i absolutely had to. like, if i had to be to work at 11am, i'd be up by 10. if i had to be to work at 6am, i'd be up by...well, 6 or 6:15....so, anyway.

the little varmints woke me with a vengeance today. usually it's rather calm and pleasant. today, one of them was whining for me to get him some food NOW (which i can understand--i mean, that's sort of my job here) and when i finally pried myself from the sheets...well, he helped by throwing back the covers, but still, i deserve the credit because there's no way that whimpy little 30 pound, 3 foot tall kid could've dragged me out.....anyway. as i stumbled forward, there is his brother, wrapped in his blanket, laying on the floor by the stairs. he was so cute i actually even smiled... and then HE started whining at me to STAY UPSTAIRS. demanding it, in fact. it was more than my prematurely aroused (he he) senses could handle. system overload!!!!!!!!

so things finally settled down and then the one who is on week two of being potty trained...well, i found him standing in the closet (a walk in closet in their room which holds their toys) smelling far too much like a messy diaper....dammit.

so, i repeat: will someone PLEASE kill me?

i hate morning enough without all that crap...

but at least we all have colds. so that's good.

and on the true bright side: at least there is still pie to have for breakfast. hey, if it's pumpkin that's a great serving of veggies, and the apple counts as fruit.

and DON'T try to tell me otherwise.

i'm not in the mood.

speaking of being in the mood....

I'm going to institute a new feature, due to the success of and fun i had with last saturday's post....

FANTASY FRIDAY--won't that be fun?

oh god. now they're fighting over some plastic snakes and the spin cycle .

time to go hide from the kids......

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