Wednesday, November 19, 2003

"the warm before the storm"


that's what our news fucks have been calling the weather today.

the warm before the storm.


so i took the kids outside to play instead of giving them a nap.

i know! great idea.

hmm, they're tired. should i let them rest or make them expend tons of energy????

i'm a dumbass.

so anyway. they're asleep in front of a movie right now.

i took a bath that turned into a shower. no, wait. i said that backwards.

whatever. it was nice.

so, what are you all doing for the great american turkey feast?

see, here's my dilemma.

in case you hadn't noticed, i hate being the grown up. The one who has to plan stuff, and make it happen and cook all the crap that everyone shovels in without a backward glance, let alone a little appreciation.

oh well. we'll see what happens. so far, no plans, and here's hoping...

have i ever told the story (i think i have, but it was a loooong time ago) about the guy i went to high school with who asked to see my "twins", while indicating that i should lift my shirt?

aaah, red neck small town....

cheese. it was hilarious, though.

good workout today. but i made martha stewart's "perfect brownies" last night for some insanely idiotic reason.

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