Monday, November 03, 2003

It's a friggin winter wonderland out there!

Well, there's an inch or two of soggy snow and a gray sky, but that's close enough for me.

Enough to inspire me to bundle the twinners in about 25 pounds of winter clothing so we could go tromp around in the slush--eating and throwing it, you know, the usual. I kept busy by making a snowman which the boys took turns knocking over so I had to remake the top two balls 3 times each. damn kids.

And in other news.

I have still not officially started my novel. gulp. But I will. I think I'm doing the exact thing which is the reason nanowrimo is a good idea--i'm overthinking it. i'm worrying about taking it in the right direction and working out all the kinks before even starting. this is NOT right. oh well. boys are napping, housework is done....well, mostly. so I will jump in, feet first, and pound out a couple thousand words. or maybe not feet first, since i am a more conventional typist than Boz and even HE doesn't type with his feet, but I'll jump in. wish me luck. and remind me to post the link. in fact, maybe i'll procrastinate a bit more and plow through some changes to my links list, etc. and add a link for my work in progress. i even already have the blog set up. it's called Work in Progress. ain't that clever? although the actual link for it is abookaboutaboy, since that was my novel last year. not the title, just a good description. yum. i loved that boy, that book. actually i had a huge crush on two of my characters, or three really. I will get around to revising and editing that book someday....perhaps at the blessed arrival of preschool. that's only 10 months away...nine months, three weeks and four days (minus about 5 hours, but who's counting?)

wish me luck. and to you fellow novel-in-a-monthers--i wish you speedy typing and a large chunk of creative genius (or at least a large hunk who is a creative genius)!!

p.s. Thanks Tony; I'm blowing you kisses down I-15.

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