Monday, November 03, 2003

Still procrastinating....

Wanna help?

I forgot to write about the wacky dream I had last night. It was sort of about Jack the Ripper. I was sort of in it but also watching it, like a tv show--trying to call the plays. So There was a newlywed-ish couple going to bed, i was sort of the young wifey, i guess. then someone's mother shows up, and the outside me is guessing it's the dream me's mom and the new hubby is going to sleep with the mom. As it unfolds a bit, i discover it's HIS mom so that's not going to happen, but then another young woman shows up (all the women are in those long silk nightgowns with flowing silk robes and blond blond hair). This is the woman who is going to shag the new husband. The mom disappears and the other three go to bed--get in the same bed. then one of the women leaves. i think it's the wife, but i'm no longer her. she runs out into the snowy cold night, upset at the cheating of her new husband. in the morning they find her slashed to shreds, blood soaking the snow all around her. it didn't scare me, which scares me. i don't usually dream violent scary things like that. too much tv before bed, i guess. =)

okay. okay. i'll go write now.

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