Monday, December 01, 2003

just another manic depressive monday...

am i dating myself?

come on, you all know that song.

dating oneself...i used to think that sounded suspiciously masturbatory...

had a fan-fucking-tastic workout today.

ran my heart out.

and the father son hotties were there...sometimes i think one of them might be checking me out, then i'll think maybe the other one is...maybe i'm hallucinating. maybe one of these days i'm going to follow that little boy into the locker room and slip into the shower with him. what? just to borrow some soap...jeez, you guys are bunch of perverts.

why am i so preoccupied with sex lately??

I'M a bunch of perverts. not just one. i'm like 6 or 7--at least.

and do you want to know why? well...i have a theory.

it's a bit off the wall, but then, so am I.

i think i am a teenage boy, reincarnated...

think about it!

that could explain a LOT of things. like the affinity i have for pizza and girl on girl, the way the opposite sex makes me shy and horny all at the same the rather odd way i'm drawn to younger men and metal and speed (velocity not drug) and i come at the drop of a hat...err, the drop of some pants, at least...

oh, what do i know?

if i'm a teenage boy, i'm a mighty gay one. so much for that theory. i guess i'm just an ordinarily perverted woman. approaching 30--that's it!! 30 is when i woman is supposed to be at her sexual peak. well, woo hoo! i guess we can't dread the big three oh entirely...

so everyone should wish Nedra a huge congratulations on crossing the National Novel Writing Month finish line!! she's the greatest!!! I do think we should petition Chris Baty to change it to January though. i mean, november is just a terrible month....that's my story and i'm sticking to it.

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