Thursday, November 06, 2003

is it legal to declare random pms days?

I mean, it's not exactly the proper "time", but why does that matter?

I felt the strongest urge to have some fries and a butterfinger shake and lie on the couch watching the Lifetime Movie Network movie I recorded this morning.

good god. what's wrong with me??? the fact that i recorded it to begin with frightens me.

And it stars Andrea from 90210 and Scott frickin Baio!!!! doesn't get any better than that, ma fren.

And i cried at law and order last night. now, THAT is pms, folks. it was really sad, though.

At least i went to the gym today. I moped around and did more speed walking than running, but at least i stayed on the damn treadmill for 50 minutes. which i would never have managed if my beloved VH1 hadn't been airing "I love the 80's Strikes Back" which happens to be my favorite show since "I love the 80's". It's as funny as Mystery Science Theater 3000, and in a similar way, really.

Okay, time to go do some more lying around. Hell, maybe i'll even work on that stupid book today--who knows what could happen? it's topsy turvey day, afterall.

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