Tuesday, November 04, 2003

stupid comment box

I mean really.

for what i shell out, that thing should work.

oh yeah.

it's free. and as annoyingly trite as it may sound, you do get what you pay for.

it's been down since last night. and i'm beginning to turn rabid from the anger.

oh well. at leat i actually made some progress on my book last night. hubby went to the gym right at bed time, which was perfect. sooo...i am sick of sitting in a wooden kitchen chair to type, so i thought, hey i'll bring one of the "chairs of supreme comfort" down from the office. these are the most luxurious office chairs i've ever seen. yum. well, i should have done it a long time ago, but also, i should have waited for my new lawn boy to start work so he could do the heavy lifting. i mean, holy shit. that chair has to weigh at least 50 pounds. i nearly killed myself and took out the banister on my way down the stairs.

but it was worth it. aaaaaaaaaaahhh.

i'm trying to help my parents book a flight to coordinate with a cruise for the week of thanksgiving. cuz they may be intelligent people, but they were born in the 1930's and that makes it a physiological, psychological, biological, chemical, technological impossibility for them to use the internet. It's true and we all know it. Anyway, it's kind of fun playing travel agent. (i used to do it all the time when i was a kid. although detective agency was waaaay more fun.) So, i'm having no luck getting the flights they need. but i'm going to try extra hard because they've never been on a cruise and that would be the coolest thing EVER for them. although i'm secretly hoping that if they can't get the cruise thing to work maybe they'll come here. sniff. poor me.

Since my commenter isn't working i was thinking of putting my instant message and email info up, but then i realized it doesn't matter. i mean, i love getting comments--that's my favorite part of this whole thing--but I don't imagine anyone else is losing sleep over it. sometimes i'm really laid back. other times i'm as uptight as, well, martha stewart. heh.

so fuck you backblog. If they don't have their issues sorted out by tomorrow I'll have to search for another piece of shit comment system that i can be a cheap ass and not pay for.

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