Wednesday, November 05, 2003

what is it about getting out of bed

that i hate so much???

Snuggling into the covers and sucking every lost drop of pleasure out of that warm, half-awake state.....mulling over the luscious dreams of the night.....god, i could just stay there for hours. So this morning I had such a lovely dream. There was a boy and a girl, driving in a car. She was nervous--because she liked him a lot--and he was so beautiful. they had discovered a baby tiger several years earlier and he had kept it, then the girl had gone away and now she was back and the boy was telling her all about how the tiger had grown. it was kooky.

ooh, that reminds me. back when i was single my roommates and i went to this little bar in Park City and it was snowing, and warm, and there was a guy i wanted to talk to, but i was feeling shy and my one roommate was being weird because he had some sick twisted crush on me and the other one loved picking up guys for me, zeke. aah, zeke. he was living in that house because he was dating my only girl roommate (there were 5 of us, and what a fantatic house that was, hardwood floors, fireplace, big backyard...). anyway. he walked over to said hottie and introduced himself, talked about bongo drums for a minute (hippie) then introduced me. not very smooth, but it worked. i ended up talking to the guy for a couple of hours. he said he was living in victoria, b.c. and he could speak navajo or cherokee and he had a panther living with him. and now that i think of it, he was tripping on acid so maybe those were figments of his imagination....ahhh the good ole days.

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