Monday, November 24, 2003

nothing beats pie for breakfast


so our early Thanksgiving was nice. (with my husband's family)

all the food was delicious, got to see a couple of the brothers I haven't seen for a few months. (there are 6 sons)

the youngest made the mistake of engaging the tallest in a philosophical discussion that didn't escalate nearly the way they usually do when old tall boy's involved. damn that guy's stubborn. if you told him the sky was blue, and for some reason he believed it to be green, there would be no changing his mind. he doesn't change his mind. he believes he knows all. but it boosted the level of respect that he has for his youngest brother...who is about to surpass his 6 feet 7 inches and steal that title, but whatever. they're a family of giants, i tell ya.

and of course there was the obligatory being as vulgar as possible in front of their mormon mother part which is my personal favorite. those boys have no respect for her, and as they'll tell you any day of the week, she didn't really earn it when they were younger. it's still really hard to watch. --and even harder to not laugh at the jokes!

and my sister in law's little brother who is here going to college came.

little hottie. but guess what his name is? Jay.

and guess what his last name is? Lowe.

Jay Lowe. heh.

my kids even left me alone and played with the other kids for most of the time....they usually are so far up my ass I can't even sit down. you could say they're mama's boys. just a little.

so there you have it, your typical holiday meal with some fairly run of the mill conflict issues.

thank GOD that's over.


and in other news....

I think my foot is going to fall off.

I stepped on a sliver of glass a couple of days ago and I don't think my husband got it all out.

I hope I don't get gangrene.

or tetanus.

or athlete's foot.

or the gout.

it really hurts. i'm starting to pull muscles in all sorts of strange locations from favoring ankle, my knee--and oddly enough, my ear.

you know what's great about fighting with your husband? (well, not your's husband...)


i'm gonna have to start picking more fights...

and if anyone missed saturday's post, I highly recommend reading it. at least the second half.

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