Friday, November 07, 2003

Nanowrimo Friday

So last night the hubby and I discussed my novel. or the lack thereof. bleck. he is a great companion for an author . he's a reader, and he's a very structural thinker so he has lots of good suggestions that i would never think of....anyway, i'm starting to doubt the wisdom of the story i've started. so there you have it. one week in and I am floundering. but at least i completed it last year, and at least i spread the word so that many other (more talented!!) writers have joined up. Just to name a few:





Not sure if Mr. Hard Artist has officially joined up, and Clay is a new addition, for me at least. some of you may already read him, but if not I suggest you run--don't walk--to his site. well, erm, you know, let your fingers do the walking?? god i'm a dork.

I just realized that the reason the novel thang isn't working is simple: I AM overthinking it, I just need to start over and let it flow. and i'll probably have to go with a cheesy romance cuz that's what's in my soul. fack.

so...twin B did two things today which are worthy of note.
1. he found the only crayon in the house which is not a "washable" crayola and drew large lovely orange circles all over my white walls. (makes me want to scream just thinking about it!!!)
2. he picked all the chocolate chips out of the choc. chip cookie i gave him and ate only those, leaving a crumby mess all over the table and floor. now that's what i call a chocolate purist. Max,Max, Max.

So who else hates getting forwarded crappy stories, poems or warnings which threaten to bring bad luck of you don't forward to this many people, or promise to send you a gift certificate from some company if you forward??? well, i hate them with a fiery passion, matched only by my loathing of the unintentional deletion of an entire post....anyway, if you share my views on this, go here and you'll get a chuckle.

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