Thursday, November 06, 2003

What kind of crack was i smoking last night?

To post THAT??

Oh well.

what's done is done.

So let's move on from here. we can work through it, by god. even if it takes hours and hours of therapy on my couch, kitchen table, or bed.

Here's the Husband quote of the week: as we settled into bed, i snuggled into him, my face in his chest and he said, calmly, "this isn't going to work for me." "why not?" I asked. "because your knees are in my balls."

oh, i see.

that might explain a lot, now that i think of it. if he displays so little passion at the possible anhilation of his manhood, how do i expect him to be thrilled about life in general? perhaps i should expect less of him.

okay, so last night i dreamed about a horror movie. I was in it. it was pretty fucking scary. my friends had all been getting these phone calls with a disguised voiced saying scary things. and in the opening scene of the dream i received my first phone call. the voice wasn't disguised though, which made it even creepier and the voice stopped talking at one point and i just knew that the knock on the door was HER. so I opened it and there she was with a knife. (if any of you watch Alias, she was that allison girl who was pretending to be Sydney's roommate) so we started some very sloppy, un-trained hand to hand combat (not at all like alias--love that show). i stabbed her at one point but she didn't even flinch. then we were down on the grass and another girl was carrying some groceries into her apartment and i was screaming to her to call the police but she just kind of ignored me, or so it seemed--but a few minutes later 3 men with badges showed up. but one of them pulled out his gun and shot the other two--he was on HER side!! So I grabbed his gun but it was empty so i got one away from the dying cop and shot the bad guy and the posessed girl. she appeared to be dead, but she wasn't. i did that whole "end of horror movie relief, relaxation let your guard down" thing and she came after me. by this time a larger group had gathered and someone threw me a wet towel which, when it landed on her sizzled. holy water. sweet. so, i kept laying it on her and her skin melted away little by little as she lay writhing and screaming in agony.

what a nice girl i am. i woke up totally freaked out, and enormously relieved that it was already light out. damn. i better lay off watching The Bachelor just before bed. scary shit.

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