Friday, November 21, 2003

i'm speechless

okay, that would never happen.

but i'm really excited!! i'm only 3 hits away from 10,000. i can't believe it!! i know this is a silly thing to be excited about, and considering how long i've been up, it's not even that many hits, but it's a milestone.

and i LOVE milestones.

what should i do to celebrate?

i could post more pictures of myself.

but frankly, i'm getting a bit bored with that already.

not that boredom will stop me from posting 8,000 more pictures of myself from different angles and at different times of day in different rooms wearing different expressions......

so these idiots today at the gym just sat on this one bench talking for at least ten minutes, while all the other plain benches were taken.

damn them.

i gave them dirty looks and coughed and stuff, but to no avail.

you'd think they'd get the point.

i scowled mighty hard.

so finally i got to do my tricep press thingies.

don't know what they're called. but i love em.

and why?

cuz they burn.

i needed a spotter, though.

hubby just went to pick up dinner.

i love it when he does that. i enjoy cooking, but when it's the daily chore--for the rest of my LIFE...sometimes it's nice when i don't have to do it. yummmmmmm.

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