Thursday, November 20, 2003

lately a maine accent is imposing itself on my typing skills...

i have an 'r' in my username for blogger and i keep not typing it.

damn that's annoying.

kids woke me at 7:30 this morning.

damn that's annoying.

i miss the good old days (two weeks ago) when they still believed me that climbing out of their cribs was dangerous. see, back then, they would half-wake (briefly) at 7 or so, then go back to sleep for anther hour or two. and so would I. now, it's like, just because they are ABLE to get out of their beds they are compelled to do it. they're no more ready to get up than i am, trust me. grouchy little things.

and the *worst* part is that i can no longer shower in peace. they invade the bathroom like an army of ants at a picnic. they pull open the shower curtain letting in gulps of cold air.

damn that's annoying.

but not as annoying as saying that repeatedly.

I just read a post about songs that most people love but this girl hates, (whose blog i should have been reading all along--why didn't anyone tell me??) and i couldn't help but think of neil diamond. and shudder.

have i told the story before? see, that's when you know your blog is getting some age on it...either that or it means i have no life. ah, bite me. anyway. while i was away at college, my parents let this down-and-out guy from their church stay for "a few months" while he "got his stuff together". right. 6 years later, the guest room was still his home, and getting smellier and filthier by the minute (he didn't shower even one time the whole 6 years. thank GOD he had his own bathroom) my parents were too nice to make him go, but that's another story. he used to blast Neil Diamond on his days off from his graveyard shift at the 7-Eleven. pretty sure i don't need to explain why I convulse every time i hear the opening strains of any of his songs. i see Gary's gray, pock-marked face and his lard colored/covered hair. his yellow bloodshot eyes. oh god. i'm getting light headed...must change subject....

sunshine and rainbows and flowers and the ocean and yummy food and pearl jam.


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