Saturday, November 22, 2003

a bright sunny day and not a hangover in sight

And that my friends is why sometimes life is grand.

cosmopolitans it was.

7 or 8 between the two of us

but the bartender was a girl I had french class with in college so we only paid for 4.

B. and I had fun.

i bet her a buck that i wouldn't get carded.

cuz i'm crusty old

but i lost.

that dude knows how to make a girl's day.

called Davey Jones.

he joined us.

we tried to go play pool, but ran into some snags.

so i was thinking about you this morning in the shower.

how if i ever saw you in person i'd slam you against the wall.

i'd be just inches from your face, and i'd watch the reaction in your eyes when you felt my small cool hand slide down the front of your pants.

i'd feel your hot breath, i'd smell your smell...that man smell of cologne, aftershave, deodorant--whatever...

i'd put my other hand behind your head and draw you to my lips.

you'd finally recover from the shock and reach under my skirt.

nothing but skin.

you'd lift me and i'd wrap my legs around you as you whirled around to pin me against the wall for support...

then, as we lay in a sweaty, breathless heap on the floor, you'd say in a ragged, husky voice, "who are you?"

that was for you and i bet you would enjoy it too and you and, okay, anyone with a pulse probably enjoyed that. call me Harlequinn Betty....

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