Wednesday, November 12, 2003

apparently i say "hon" a lot

cuzzzz....twin A now adds that to almost everything he says. "Hon, could i have a drink?" "hon, don't touch that!"

it's a bit unnerving hearing your own words come out of a different mouth.

although, considering my sailor-like could be worse. much worse.

well, yesterday i had this bizarre burst of housewifeliness. I cleaned everything in sight and cooked something rather extraordinary. It was kind of cool. in a novel sort of way.

did i just use the 'n' word? gulp. get off my back.

sometimes i want to write about things on here but i don't.

sometimes i am the happiest girl alive.

sometimes i forget i'm not really a girl anymore (no, not like that, pervs.)

sometimes i am shocked to hear someone call me mommy

sometimes i am bewildered that i ever worried i would be alone.

sometimes i wonder why i didn't finish college

sometimes i wish that i had been born with musical talent, instead of just an obsession with all things musical

sometimes i wonder whatever happened to...

sometimes I lie alone and think about--



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