Sunday, November 16, 2003

what happens when good housewives go bad?

this. exactly this.

so anyway.

I have had my 2 year old nephew here since wednesday and he's probably the easiest kid in the world to take care of, but i'm going crazy. mostly because i haven't left the house since he arrived. well, except this morning when my friend showed up, needing help to move some furniture. that only took about a half hour. what a disappointment.

so how cute is my husband? he let me sleep until almost eleven today, AND brought me breakfast in bed--an omellette and oj. yes, i'm with you: i wonder what he did wrong??? that's how out of character this was, but so cute.

okay so here's how lame i am.

i am such a losermobile.

everyone ready?

i watched this show today.

on MTV.

called Rich Girls.

I'm so embarassed. but i think i LOVE IT!!! it's the life of tommy hilfiger's daughter and her best friend. they're in high school. they're really clueless about a lot fo things in life, but they really seem like nice girls. yes they're spoiled silly, but they are still as down to earth as possible for kids raised like that. maybe. maybe they're just good at pretending. i don't care.

yee haw.

and now i'm watching some britney spears special.

GOOD GOD, WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?????? I really want to know why i'm enjoying this crap. diversion, i guess....

so, the halfway mark of the month has passed. and my novel is nowhere in sight. i guess once was enough for me. i sort of knew, going into it, that i wouldn't end up doing it this year. that's what i get for putting pressure on myself. i don't work well under the kind of pressure where any or all of it comes from outside. just by telling more than one person what i was doing was the death sentence for that unborn novel. i'm a murderer. sniff.

oh well, now that i took my own pressure off, maybe i'll write something. maybe not.

but i'm glad that others have taken this more seriously and i hope they're able to sift through the rubble and find some diamonds when they're finished.

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