Monday, November 03, 2003


i've accomplished so much already.

really, you'd be proud.

*I gutted the guest room (which is a catchall for unfolded laudry, bulk purchases, out of season clothing, and anything we want to hide from the kids...)

* I found some great picture frames the other day...and i have a stack of fantastic black and white i made a gorgeous arrangement and found the perfect spot to hang it.

* I made my famous chicken fajitas

* I made some frighteningly rich and delicious cookies

* I cleaned the downstairs bathroom (I ain't touchin' that upstairs one--hubby uses it, hubby can CLEAN it!!)

* I posted to this stupid site 3 stupid times today

See? So I have a great excuse for not making any progress on my god damn novel.

Last year when i did this I remember reading the forums and everyone was talking about all the creative ways they procrastinated working on their novels everyday and I thought to myself, "why would you procrastinate THIS??" I mean, I am a world class procrastinator, top notch. however, last year i had the fire and I couldn't understand why or how anyone could do ANYTHING else--taking time out for eating was hard enough for me.

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