Saturday, March 26, 2005

The weather did a complete 180--

(but is that in celsius or Farrenheit??)
blue skies just in time for the easter egg hunt.
even if hubby went snowmobiling with his brother.
I'm such a dumbass--
I encouraged him to go, but I really wish he was here for the egg hunt.
oh well.

yesterday was such a god damn clusterfuck of a shitty day.
it snowed all day, for one thing.
I had a GREAT workout, but then I had to drive into "the city" to sign some docs on the refinanced old house.
(on the way there, I thought, "oh my god...hubby owns 2 houses", but when I said that to him he said, "no i don't. the bank does." sourpuss.)
so I drove through the icky snow,
with two kids who didn't stop talking the entire way--
even though I was hungry and couldn't see a damn thing.
we got lunch, I got stiffed on my gawdamn dipping sauce.
due to a search for a lunch spot on my side of the road,
I missed all the on-ramps, and ended up staying on a city street for the whole 60 block trek.
and then, I FINALLY arrived at hubby's office, to pick him up to ride the 3 blocks to the bank or whatever it was,
and our mortgage guy (or real estate agent?) was there already, to take him.
so THANKS for telling me to pick you up.
why not just give me the damn address and let me and the whiney ones meet you there, so that you're not late???
so THEN.
the kids do fine, and the chick comes in.
sifts through the papers.
because it is not an owner occupied house.
(and my name's not on anything, cuz apparently he's ready for me to bolt or something)
growls nearly erupted.
but instead, I smiled and took the little ones swiftly out the door--
saving the growls for the ride home.
some people do NOT know how to drive, and I figure, they'll learn eventually if I shout at them enough.

so then...
nice quietish afternoon.
hubby comes home, we decide to trek down to his mom's so he can check out the water heater.
p.s. that house is FALLING APART since the day we moved out.
phone lines were screwy,
oven won't work,
only 3 burners work on the range,
the water pressure in the kitchen sink is a faint dribble,
and I know there's more.
we never had a problem with any of that stuff.
I think his mom is just jinxed.
but she's uh...not nearly unpacked yet, but sorta kinda settled--
and she was showing me around (and I mean AROUND all the boxes piled everywhere)
and it was really cute to see the little twin beds where my boys will sleep when she keeps them for overnights, and stuff--
gave my mind's eye a passage into the future, the traditions being started,
seeing their memories being formed.
eh, I'm just a sentimental fool, I guess.
Or is that a MENTAL fool??
yeah, that's the one.

and now my kids are both talking to me at the same time.
as usual.


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