Monday, March 21, 2005

Some sort of list or something

I'm back, the trip was wonderful.
I don't feel like narrating it,
but I think a list would work well...

incredible room, with incredible view
talking til our jaws ached
walking til our bodies ached
conquering my lingering fear of heights--
(holy fucking shit that hike was insane!!)
blue skies, red rocks
hot tub-- with U of U president
practicing our french with a lady from Quebec, on a trail
running into my neice on a trail
the rain waiting to start until we drove out of the park on our last day.
food...fantastic food.
encouraging some little boys to save a tiny dead lizard, as a gag on their dad.
the most beautiful blue eyed babies on the backs of their beautiful hippie parents.
remembering that it's not so much hiking that i love, but hiking with J.
getting home early--
building a snowman with my babies
having ridiculous amounts of fun throwing snowballs at each other.
making apple pie
missing my husband so much, that I cried when I got home.

and that's about it.
I called in an audio post on friday morning, but it seems to have not made its way here yet.
stupid audioblogger.
I want my money back.
oh yeah.
it's free.

well, I had a truly marvelous weekend.
refreshing, relaxing, rejuvenating.
I'll post a few pictures over on buzznet, just in case you're interested.
I'd really like you all to see the poster I bought, which captures the entire hike of death.
it's called Angel's Landing, but I'm pretty sure it got the name because most of the people who hike it fall off and die.
ok, not really.
but the first 1.9 miles of the hike is just a lot of steep switchbacks,
and then the last 1/2 mile is even steeper, and most of that distance is on rock ridges about 3 feet wide, but with plummeting drops on both sides.
and I did it.
how did someone who's afraid of heights accomplish that without any major panic issues?
here's the trick: you keep your eyes on the ground in front of you.
...and if you're a sucker for adrenaline, like me...
you get a good handhold on something, stop walking and look down every once in a while.
that was a trip--
hot fear rippling through me like waves of nausea.
one false step and--
if I ever learn to fly,
I'm going there.
if you ever want to kill yourself,
you should go there.
what a gorgeous way to die.
...if you're into that sorta thing.

thank you all for your comments--
Becky, I don't know what the fuck you're talking about--call me.
(nevermind, I figured it out--but since you were commenting on a comment I had read 3 days previously, you can see why I was confused.)
and Mr. Malone? I would be honored to--but I can't guarantee it'll make any sense.
and to all of you who suggested I would get hit on??
I'm laughing my ass off--
this is UTAH!!!
what can I do to make that clearer to you?
I don't fit the mold here, it's as simple as that.
I'm happy with it, but I don't get hit on, either.
and Kiki, you deserve a girls weekend!!
Special K--you're so right. and I'm quite a pro at it myself, unfortunately!
hey, Sean--how's that hangover?? (I love drunken comments!!!)
why thank you, Outburst--I'll take that!
Maine, Maine, Maine! ...I like the way you think.
oh, Kat--that sounds soooo yummy!! I say we embrace our larger selves, and would you pass the mayonaise?

and on that note,
I think I'll go shower and try really hard to abstain from eating apple pie for breakfast...

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