Wednesday, March 16, 2005

music makes me feel alive....

quite the opposite of the blackened foot
in the dirty shoe
on the wide road
in the bright sun
of early spring.

they stir me in soft slow waves--
like a shot of adrenaline to the heart.
I'm alliiiiiiiiiiiiiive
for you
I'm awaaaaake
because of you I'm alive
told you I'm awake
swallowing you--

yeah, that pretty much says it all.
sometimes that song reminds me of my kids--
like I'm blaming them for waking me up.
other times...
it just makes me want to drive through the Utah heat of summer,
with an enormous blank slate of blue above me,
with the top down.
(no, not MY top, sickos)
guess what's great about the kids being at school rightfuckingnow???
I'm headbanging in my chair.
It helps my hair dry better.
I'm even singing along...

good GOD, did i have some funky dreams last night.
and did I mention...
the husband is home........
I missed him sooo much this time.
I think occasional business trips are good for couples who've been married for a while.
absence/heart/fonder, etc.

back to the music--
I feel like a bear who has been hibernating,
it is spring, you know.
slowly, haltingly, I'm waking up.

so after 3 years of having only cell phones--
today is the day.
we are getting a non-traditional land line,
and I'm getting a new cell phone--
thank sweet jesus for number portability, right?
anyway, I'm super-duper, ultra-uber excited.
...of course, I'll probably hate it.
but whatever.

now I'm going to do something considerably un-/non-/anti-rock n' roll--
call my mother-in-law
set a date for her to come up and help me plant a garden.
I'm really looking forward to it, though--
because, really, what beats home-grown produce???
yes, home-grown weed probably does, ya frickin stoner,
and maybe really great sex,
and a perfectly aged bottle of wine...
okay, fine--but you get the idea.
tomatoes still hot from the sun, all plump and juicy, so red they're almost...not red?
I can't quite bring myself to do it, though...
I want my rock n roll fantasy to linger.

I feel like I should apologize for not replying to comments yesterday,
because it is my habit,
and my preference.
just know that i read and enjoyed each of them--
you all rock as hard as Godsmack.
what the fuck??
is today Godsmack Day or something?
if so, I think I should probably at least send an invitation for each of them to come get his dick sucked, don't you think?
I mean, that's just good manners.
no, actually, the Godsmack fixation is due to the fact that I'm STILL stuck using my husband's computer, and my vast music library is on my computer--and my i(mposter)pod, but that's in my gym bag, and I'm wicked lazy today.
SO, therefore, I have only about ten songs on here.
if anyone wants to take pity on me and dropload me songs,
that would be swell.
it's fast, easy, and clean.
eh, whatever.
I think that was just a lyric from Metallica's "Fuel" seeping in.
quench my thirst with gasoline
yup, somedays I think I could.
and I'm going to have to start sending some formal complaints to...somewhere...if I don't get to ride on a motorcycle soon.
I keep seeing them everywhere,
hearing them--
feeling them.
and all it does is stir up my restlessness.
yes, I'm talking to YOU.
(and here's where I would wink, if I could.)

unexpected silence.
playlist ended.
well, that's my cue...
I ought to go do something productive.
happy day to all--

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