Thursday, March 17, 2005

Not exactly a "sunshine day"...

but it feels just as good!
I'm packing up, and getting things in order here,
and it feels wonderful!
my husband just heard from a friend of his that it's spring break for most of the universities this week.
MY first thought was, "Oh great--maybe we should have made reservations."
HIS first thought was, "Oh great--now my wife's going to have crazy sex with thousands of college students."
I like his idea better, but, he's sadly disillusioned if he thinks that A. I would EVER IN A MILLION YEARS do that, or B. those poor boys would have such strong beer goggles as to hit on the chubby* 30 year old.

so that put a little damper on my excitement, but hopefully he'll stop fretting.
I promise to take lots of pictures, and any drugs that are offered to me by the throngs of college students.
or the crazy old man living in a van.
he usually has good drugs.

meanwhile, one of my kids has turned into a poltergist of some kind.
he emits high pitched sounds, alternately with what sounds like the barking of a dog,
and i do believe his head can spin all the way around.
I'm trying to decide between an exorcism and an exhibit at the World's Fair...
ok, maybe just a nap.
poor little buggers stayed up too late.
I was terribly excited this morning, thinking it was 8:15 when they came and got in bed with us (our wake up call).
but no such luck.
they had been playing with my alarm clock, and changed the time.
good thing I don't use the alarm, eh????
I want to eat something highly unhealthy for lunch...
I figure, if I'm going to be hiking all weekend, I might as well pig out now.
that doesn't sound like good logic to you???
well, then you're as crazy as I am--
but different.

and now I have to pee.
I'll take that as a sign.
time to end the post.
...before it turns into something we'll both regret.
no, i don't know what i meant by that either,
but it's a classic soap opera line, and how is that not fun???
have a fantastic weekend, i may post from the road if I can--

*I'm not exaggerating--I've put on some ugly winter weight.

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