Thursday, March 24, 2005

Easter weekend?

raining cats and/or dogs.
and I reserved a racquetball court for 10am saturday.
easter egg hunt in our neighborhood at 10am saturday.
but at least my parents are coming to visit in april.
that always makes my day.
I am their travel agent, since they're a tad bit allergic to the internet.
oh, they don't get hives or anything, but they sneeze a lot and their eyes tear up.
so anyway, they're so damn cute, and they're coming.
they're going to LA in May (that rhymed!!) for my mom's high school reunion.
she looks so friggin great for a woman who'll be 67 next month.
(she graduated early)

I am listening to a song.
and it's taking that yearning thang and amplifying it a bit.
as if I needed THAT??
wait, actually, I do need it.
I am happiest when I'm...not quite
that's odd.
but anyway...
this song is making me imagine things.
things that are beautiful--
misty and soft, but
electrified and urgently real.
it's making me want.
making me want to live life so many times in a row, or concurrently, or...
I want to be everything to everyone.
I want to love every pair of eyes that meet mine,
I want to kiss every pair of lips that speak my name in the dark, in a bed somewhere.
I want to know.
I want to have.
I want to be.


I really need some fucking music on this hard drive.
or maybe you guys could all sign a petition, to my husband--
begging him to repair MY hard drive.
all my tunes...
all my pictures...
all my writing...
yes, I suck.
yes, I know I should back up.
I guess I am a slow lear ner.
and I just happen to have a lot of faith in his abilities to work magic on computery stuff.
ok, fine, I'm just a dumbass.

and I should probably cook dinner.
cock diner?
that's a place you KNOW I'd go for some chow!!
perhaps a nice foot-long hot dog?
or some oysters?
yes, I'm funny, you don't have to tell me.
damn, now I'm making myself all sortsa horny.
and the kids won't be out of the way for at least an hour.
mr. won't be home much before then anyway.
but still.
I'm fickle.
and/or impatient.
and/or Ann Dorr.

I better go shopping for easter candy tonight, so the fucking easter bunny doesn't look bad.
damn him.
oh, and as I said in Kat's comments the other day--
my kids are somehow under the impression that Easter is the single greatest event on the plant.
it MIGHT have something to do with the video I have of them from last easter...
which consists of endless footage of them, EATING CHOCOLATE.
...can't say's I blame 'em.

good times.
remind me to do all the things I keep forgetting to do.
and if you whisper my the dark...
I'll probably hear you--

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