Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Things Creepy, Things Odd, and Things Sexy--

Bo Bice.
America's Idol, or my future love slave?
definitely the former, possibly the latter--
if I can get my hands on some chloroform and a desserted barn.

I found this in my list of who's linking me...
look at the top result.
rather disturbing--
and yet...somehow intriguing.
I mean, really!
I would be interested to know what sort of price I would fetch.
I suppose the acceptable price range would depend on whether the sale was a permanent one, or for an hourly rate, though.
Either way, I'm thinking 5 bucks wouldn't be a bad starting bid.

and is it creepy when your pasty-faced phsyician's assistant asks if your hair is naturally curly, and at your affirmation remarks at its beauty, as he's laying you down on the table to check you for a kidney infection???
just checking.

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