Thursday, December 01, 2005

This whole thing is like...

an elephant in the room, right?
I can't avoid acknowledging the fact that chocolate flavored Blogger somehow committed a typo and put me on the Blogs of Note list,
but I'd really like to just keep doing my thing.
Good lord, that sounded dirty!!!
How 'bout if I do your thing?
But really, everything sounds dirty when filtered through my x-rated drums.
It's like having a dirty mind, only better.
Anyway, I guess I'll just keep doing my thing, while occasionally referencing my hoards of new traffic.
Have I mentioned today how much I love this???

I do feel a bit awkward about skipping Half-nekkid Thursday (HNT), today,
but in light of this DC Beltway-like traffic...
I'm going to pass.
And no, honestly it has nothing to do with the shit heads from yesterday.
It's more complex...
Ok, not really, but I'm still not doing it.

Someone (politely) asked if I have attention deficit disorder (ADD), because of my style of posting.
Someone else accused me of having sexual dysfunction due to my (assumed) use of anti-depressants (at least I'm pretty sure that was his/her/its point).
To the first, I would say, "Nah, I don't think so. I'm just highly energetic and a bit of a spaz."
To the second, I would say, "I have never taken anti-depressants, so I wouldn't know if they cause sexual dysfunction for me, as it is only a possible side effect. Besides which, I'm pretty sure I just alluded (rather blatantly!) to my great sex life. Ya friggin cunt."
Ok, so my manners might persuade me to leave off that last sentence, but REALLY.
I should direct all ass faced trolls to my husband.
He would set them straight.

See what I mean??
I try to turn my back on that damn elephant,
and what happens?
His trunk's up my ass anyway!
Oh well...
maybe I like it.

I am reading and loving the comments, just not responding to them,
since I do have a life.
Ok, not really.
But I have chores and kids and kids with chores.
Oh, that brings me to the question of why I'm so bored!
To answer the concerns and inquiries:
I am not bored anymore, not really.
However, being a housewife, by nature makes one bored (at least during some phases).
It is a difficult transition from working woman to isolated new mother,
as many of you know.
I was happy to be able to stay home with the little grommets,
but I needed a creative and communicationalistic outlet.
(yes, I make up words--A LOT)
Long story short, I found blogger.
and the rest of Paul Harvey's story is that I subsequently found some incredibly gifted writers to share my life, my love, and my lunacy with.
ok, so the "life" and "love" parts were a bit much, but the lunacy?
So, I would exhort you to puruse them.
Or pursue them--what do I care?

In other news...
I wrote most of my final homework assignment for Creative Writing during History of Rock n Roll class today.
It's supposed to be a goodbye poem--
and I can't wait to finish writing it.
We were covering the origins of techno today,
so I found it easy to write during the song clips,
and it finally hit me:
we are studying the path that rock n roll has taken.
Up until now, I have been floating through those lectures in a cloud of bliss--
Otis Redding, Led Zep, Eric Clapton, The Beatles, The Doors, Sonic Youth, The Ramones, The Pixies....
and I still hold to my belief that there is more musical talent involved in a standard "rock band" than in electronic dance music.
But that's just my opinion, Dennis Miller could be wrong.
(sorry, it's just that now that I'm famous, I need to start name dropping. heh.)
And, ok, I'll give it to the guy--
I sound pretty damned attention deficient, but I'm not. many kids with ADD does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Hey, wanna go ride bikes?

And on that note, I'm gonna make like
a bread truck--and haul buns
a shepherd (no, D-man, not THAT) and get the flock outta here.
Yes, all this and a love of dorky jokes, too!!
You lucky folks...

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