Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Why do some people behave so?
Why do they think they are better--
or in a position to pass judgment?
I do NOT go to their sites and tell them how to write, how to talk, what to do.
And why don't I?
Hm...let's see.
Maybe because I am happy with my life and don't need to go looking for people to hurt, in order to make me feel better.
Maybe because I'm mature and settled.
Maybe because I'm sensitive and caring.
This blog.
It is FOR ME.
It is a place for me to let my head spill out of my fingertips,
to purge my thoughts.
If you don't "get" it, or like it--
go away.

I think it's funny that people would deign to judge me, based on reading one (or several) posts.
I think it's bizarre that they would feel the need to be blatantly cruel.
I think it's sad that they don't understand how simultaneously hurtful and irrelevant their comments are.
I am sorry for devoting so much blog space to the negative.
I can't decide whether I hate Blogger for sending me this avalanche of traffic,
or appreciate the few new friends I made.
Some fantastic people came my way...
but some moved on.
This blog is not my life.
I have beautiful children and a wonderful husband and adoring friends.
I have.
Everything that could be dreamed of...
I still grow frustrated by the need of others to splash hurtfullness on my pretty little cove...
Each one digs a hole into me.
I wonder what will happen when the hole reaches the other side?
ah, but I guess it never will.
Because for each shovelful that is tossed carelessly to the way side,
I am showered with a dozen more.



At least I got to spend time with a dear friend today...
The one who has been my muse for so long I almost couldn't write alone.

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