Thursday, December 29, 2005

Do not expect me to know what day it is

And don't bother telling me, cuz I won't remember.
Besides which, this whole week is floating in some kind of timeless jumble--
days are non-consecutive, hours are mismatched.
Don't make plans with me for next Tuesday because I don't have a slot in my head for such a thing just yet.
But today is full of good stuff.
Eyebrow waxing, haircuts for little boys, bowling, GYM.
fucking gym.
I have fallen so far off that wagon that I can't even see my feet anymore.
Oh, that's just the tits...
but still.
I am back, and I'm ready to recommit.
Hubby's even going to start working out...
and quit smoking!!
It's about goddamn time.
He quits for a year, every couple of years...
welll, at least his lungs get a break, right?

Ok, so I have actually started to compile my list of links to add,
so if you don't want me to link you, let me know.
If you want me to link you...don't let me know.
I'm kind of weird about this.
I link who I want.
That's just how it goes.
If I linked everyone....well, I would't ever read any of them anyway.
I wish I could.
Ok, now I sound like some kind of bitchy martyr.
But the truth is, this has been the case since before my lame little popularity burst.
I just plain do not have time to read all the blogs I love, let alone the ones I like, or even don't hate.
I read who I can, when I can.
I follow my whim--fly by the seat of whose-ever pants I'm wearing.
Just love me, and I'll love you.
We can be all Barney/happy-family about it.
It'll be cool.
Or at least luke warm.

I'm late.
or, I might not be.
I don't know yet.
Have to call the Becky.
Which reminds, me: a full report of my date with the other Becky and her Justin (case) later.
Gist: good times.

wish me happy waxing...
And Noojes, I'm seriously considering that world tour!!

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