Sunday, December 25, 2005

...and to all, a good night.

smiles and stretches for me.
What a peaceful, soft day it was.
I got what I wanted:
even though hubby has been swearing every oath he can think of that he would NOT buy me another...
for the third year in a row, I got an mp3 player.
Last year, it was a FORTY Gig thing.
Wonderful, but GIANT.
cavernous, echoey with my pitiful collection of music.
A few weeks ago, the earphone jack in (jack off!! woot!) stopped working.
Everything else about it is fine, just no sound comes out.
Fortunately this meant I was still able to transport my library from it onto my hard drive, which is newer than it.
(are you still with me? I's rather long--shuh, that's what SHE said!)
So anyway.
I got a 1 GB creative nomad nano--which is plenty of space and is TINY.
so, yay.
besides my gorgeous silverware and some shirts and fabulously pictorialized cookbooks and--
oh, yes...there was that lovely afternoon love.
mmm...for which I had even managed a relaxing shower, for the first time in forever,
(so my usually bushless-bush was getting a little bushy)
and I was able to get all that taken care of.
Felt good.
...and feels good.

Kids were a dream--
happy and excited and not over-tired.

More later.
Or tomorrow.

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