Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Braless What, now?

Oh yeah...Tuesday.
Two for tuesday.
Two BOOBS for TWO-esday.
It's like a joke, only funny.
Or is that supposed to be "not funny"?
I know this shirt celebrates the wrong holiday,
but that's life.
What's life?
A magazine...

Ok, so if you're new, the recap is this:
Tuesdays are boring, lifeless days--
without a pulse, without soul, goddammit!!
They are far less torturous than Mondays,
but in reality a rather tortuous route to Friday...
I decided to spice up my life by going braless on Tuesdays.
eventually I bowed to the immense pressure of my enormous male audience
(ok, there were like 5 guys reading at the time--hi boys!)
and...I'm pretty sure all it took was one suggestion--
Hey, I take dares, but only when I want to.
You can't get me to do something I wasn't already dying to do, just by daring me.
This is purely in the "FYI" category, and is only marginally related to the anecdote at hand.
Er...what was it, again?
Oh yes.
Braless Tuesday.
Anywho, I posted a photo, and the rest--as they say--is (I can't say it...too corny, even for me...)
I posted a photo and the legend was born.
There, that sounds better.
...if not a bit over the top.

God Bless the U.S.A

(No, really, it sneezed!)

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