Sunday, December 11, 2005

Chapped lips, dry throat--

this is always the sure sign that I've been to one of my family's big Sunday dinner birthday parties.
I'm not sure why, though.
Possibly because I eat a lot and talk a lot, but don't drink enough?
I simply adore my brothers and their families, even though they are--
I just let my eyes glaze over when conversation steers that way, and it's never much of a problem.
I went there tonight, though,
bursting with things to say--
things I couldn't say.
It was a strange feeling.
I was alive, like electrical currents dancing under my skin,
eyes sparkling, ready to entertain.
I felt like I had jokes to tell, anecdotes to offer in shimmering armfuls.
I couldn't think of any of them...
probably because they weren't appropriate.
but it left me feeling flustered.
Oh well.
I still had a great time.

I just discovered that a dear friend of mine from home is selling the most gorgeous jewelry.
Worth a look, if you're into unique silver.

I am such a slacker, speaking of links.
I am compiling a list of folks to add to my side bar, but I make no promises.
I add when I feel like it, and sometimes there is not much rhyme and very little reason to my choices.
My back is fucking killing me.
Or maybe I'm just pissed because Extreme (fuck with my heartstrings) Home Makeover preempted Desperate Housewives tonight.
(yes, I growl, what of it??)
I actually boycotted that show when it came out.
(DH, not Extreme--I still don't watch that one)
I felt they were on my turf.
Actually, I hated the word "desperate", in association with housewives,
because that's MY thing.
er. ABC?
fuck if I know.
ask my DVR.
yeah, ABC.
anyway, it really irked me.
I guess the correlation was too close for me, and I still had high hopes for becoming famous through my blog.
not really, but I suppose my deliciously delusional frontal lobe thought so.
(that thing is so narcissitic it's not even funny.)
But anyway, I finally gave in and checked out a re-airing of the first episode, last January, and I was HOOKED.
So was my husband, fortunately.


So my kids were trying to tell me jokes today...
you know how THAT goes.
They had heard one on Sponge Bob: What's the difference between a guitar and a jellyfish? (You can't strum a jellyfish)
and they were trying to make their own versions.
So Max said, "What's the difference between a clock and a Mom?"
I said, "A clock is only late sometimes."
So now he has his own joke to tell, and I'm so proud!
My niece told a golden oldie tonight: What did the fish say when it hit a wall?
ah yes, good ole corny jokes.

Am I done yet?
Is it quittin' time?
Can I go?
Ok, awesome.

fuck you very much, and good night--

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