Monday, December 19, 2005

Odd decision, really...

I'm pretty sure that's a quote from Notting Hill.
Or maybe Four Weddings & a Funeral.
Hugh Grant said it somewhere, I'm certain...
or nearly certain.
Well, whatever.
I made an odd decision tonight.
The handsome husband needed to come to his brother's office to do some computer work for them, and he was soliciting for company,
so I volunteered.
Why oh why?
I've been screwing around on the receptionist's computer for a while,
but surprisingly enough, I'm bored with it.
No, maybe not bored.
It's just that it's really hot in the foyer, and her GOD DAMN chair is up so high it hurts my back to type,
(although I am, so what the fuck is up with that expression??)
the fact that I feel very strange about blog cruising from somone else's machine.
Feels almost as self-conscious and awkward as doing a post on someone else's blog.
There you have it.
I abandoned the whole ugly scene in favor of playing Solitaire--
with a real live deck of cards, even!--
for just a bit, but the sweet siren of the blog world called me back.
That, and I know I'll be off running errands all morning, so I better fucking post now, or risk worrying about it while I shop.
And we can't be having that.
Did I mention this chair is bugging the SHIT out of me??
and her ading machine was left on, with some number on it--
it's mocking me.
It looks like the same number that is flashed during the opening credits of The Office,
but I imagine I'm the only one crazy/lame enough to make the correlation.
(one "r" or two, there?)

Spent much of the day in bed, watching the first two Lord of the Rings movies.
Only to find out the live-in bro-in-law has all 3 on special edition, etc, etc.
Actually, I'm a little giddy at that news, since I was lying there watching The Fellowship, plotting a marathon day of watching them all.
It's such a congruous story, that it's hard to watch just one...
like potato chips--Lays was it?
(no one can eat just one!)
I will pitch the plan to the girls, and see who's in.
I am thinking New Year's Day...
oh yes, it could be graaaaaaaaaaand.
Too bad we haven't gotten our projector yet.
At least D has a new big screen.
That'll do.

So I made up for last night's breakfast-for-dinner by cooking a fabulous dinner tonight.
I won't bore you with the details.
But I do wish I could be addicted to something less harmful than food--
like crack.

It's snowing...
just noticed.
Hopefully hubby's stupid project will be finished soon.
hopefully I'll remember to do all the things I need to do tomorrow.

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