Friday, December 02, 2005

Fridays are for sissies

Ok, not really, but the title I just tried to use has already been used.
By me.
Recently enough that it popped up in the stupid "auto-fill" thingy.
Which, by the way, I did not turn on, and can't figure out how to turn off.
My husband is a computer nerd genius,
so he was probably screwing with something and enabled it.
He also replaced his own alternator last night.
Well, not his alternator, since he is human (I'm pretty sure),
but more precisely his vehicle's alternator.
because he's an insatiable cheapskate.
Which infuriates me and pleases me all at the same time.
Just like the multiple orgasms he gives me, but now I'm getting off.
Off the subject...
The title I was going to use was "Is it really Friday?",
because it seems to always be sneaking up on me lately.
Damn Friday--such a practical jokester!
I also feel compelled to admit that this title is a bit of a recyled one, too.
"Mondays are for sissies" is actually something I feel rather strongly about.
They ARE.

Looking back at the comments from yesterday,
I realize that I sort of ended up focusing on the negative
(although, frankly, I don't of any other way to develop a picture)
and I would like to apologize.
...but I'm not going to.
Sorry, I just love fucking with the way a sentence is read.

So I have a new trainer dude at the gym, which is good because I've gotten a bit soft in the past few months.
Adjusting to being a student and having my kids in real school, etc,
sort of threw off my schedule and I somehow used that as an excuse to eat fast food whenever possible.
Oh well.
Just gotta get back on track,
and I'm finally ready to do so.

I think someone asked how to add pictures to Haloscan comments,
like the one I have at the top,
but I don't really remember how I did it.
I think the image needs to be hosted on your own server (mine is, at least),
so you would need to know how to do that.

I stayed up way too late last night to watch Dirty Dancing...
I had recorded it to my DVR, from a STUPID FUCKING LOCAL STATION.
All that time wasted, since they cut out the entire first love scene with Johnny and Baby.
What is this world coming to??
The movie was PG-13, for chrissakes!!
I saw it in the theater with my mother when I was 12 or 13 or whatever.
That is one of the most sensual love scenes in a movie--one of my favorites, at least.
But was good to see Jerry Orbach.
hey, I'm a Law & Order junkie so I kinda miss the guy, alright?
My favorite part of those shows was that somewhere in the opening scene,
they would give "Lenny" this sarcastic little one liner,
some play on words.
Anyway, my other point is that I'm a dumbass for staying up to watch a show that I could finish watching any damn time I want.
Oh well.
It's over now, I should move on.

Company X-mas party tonight.
My husband's office is a very small branch of a large corporation,
so it's really not as bad as your typical office party thing.
Dinner at a nice restaurant, and possibly a play.

Big news!
I officially declared my major today!
(yes, Julie, I stood on a platform of some kind and there were exclamation points involved...)
So that was fun.
I'm going to submit some pieces for the campus literary journal thing.
yes, I called it a "thing". eh.

Happy weekend, loves--

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