Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Have a Happy Hump Day

Or don't.
Really, it's up to you.
I prefer to celebrate these sorts of things,
but if you're more of a suppression-type--
by all means, do NOT enjoy the humping or the day.

I should probably try a little something called "think before you speak"...
I've heard it's useful.
I do not, however, know where such a thing can be purchased, acquired, or learned.

I am FINALLY off to the gym.
Monday I rather frustratingly missed it.
Tuesday I annoyingly missed it.
And today...
will be the christening of my new little mp3 player.
I remember when I got my first one...
almost 4 years ago--
holy christ, it pre-dates the blog!!
Anyway, it was very exciting.
It held about 12 songs,
but I absolutely loved changing the play list every day.
And no one else at the gym had one...
now, they're everywhere.
But frankly, that's for the best because it lowers my risk of overhearing such conversations as "protein shakes make me poop funny" and "my biceps are 10 times the size of my calves, but who cares!"
Damn muscle-heads.

I took my boys and my two neices (7 & 9) to the cesspool that is McD's.
There were way too many kids there.
Most of whom had severe tourett's syndrome...
oh, wait--that was me.
They did, however, scream a lot.
I actually got a headache from it, and I'm pretty hearty.
I take fewer OTC drugs than anyone I know (short of homeopathic/hippie types--but I still ingest less "fix-it" stuff than even those fellers),
and the only prescription I have is for my thyroid.
Which reminds me--
it has been cited as a cause of memory loss.
I would tell you how deeply this upsets me, but I've forgotten the details...
sad, but true.

I also finally figured out my schedule for the coming semester
(although, now that I mention it, I don't know what day classes start...)
and I've been able to fit two classes in.
I get to leave here no later than 7am in order to make it, too.
but at least I only have to go 2 days a week.
And it looks like the walk between the two buildings is only a fucking mile or so, but at least I have 20 minutes between classes.
I'm just excited I could fit two in without having to drive over there 5 days a week, so I'm cool.

Also, people shouldn't be allowed to change their voice mail message without MY permission.
She always has funny ones...
and today I called.
My heart nearly broke at the dry words which reached my eager ear.
Such a let down.
I bitched her out thoroughly,
and should have something better to listen to shortly.
Yeah. I'm a cunt.

off to sweat, then home to shower, then off to sweat some more.
not sweat.
with bloggers.
They are only the 2nd & 3rd bloggers I've ever met.
Not only that, but they basically kick all sorts of ass,
so you'll understand my anticipation.
Housewife out.
Oh, and one more thing--
I'm hosting my reality show.
Screw Rachael Ray.
(no, should...)

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