Friday, December 30, 2005

Trying to post at this moment is like--

trying to tie one's show while jogging,
or put on lipstick while horseback riding,
or something.
But then, no sooner do I make the observation than the air has cleared.
For only a moment, probably.

Again, I should be showering.
Again, I will attempt to take the kids bowling (didn't make it yesterady.)

My eyebrows are lovely, my hair got dyed, too.
And there was a steady supply of dinner, wine, and workout pacts.

Wow, this is boring.
How about that shower?
Yup, I'll be naked.
So that's a good thing to talk about, right?
Pure nudity.
except for my jean shorts...

Ok, and I'm back to ducking for cover.
I guess I better end this post before somebody gets hurt.
wait, that came out wrong.
my boys are just playing at their computers, but they are somehow convinced taht I should be able to help them complete levels of games I've never seen...
they still think I know everything, and the fact that I'm a girl (and one who is less video-game-adept than most) seems to have alluded them.

ok, I'm going to go before.
Like I said 3 seconds ago.
jeeeeezus, my brain is fried.
I will be back.
(...or is that front?)


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