Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A Little History Lesson to Start the Day

That's right, folks--
and you better take notes.
There will be a pop quiz later!

Once upon a time, there was a girl.
(More precisely: it was last September, the girl was ME.)
On a lovely, hot, day I ventured out in a tank top--
no bra.
It felt...free and wonderful and sexy.
So, the next week, when Tuesday rolled around I had a rather light-bulbous moment.
I would make this day my own!
And I did.
The end.
...kind of a let down, isn't it?
I wanted to find the original post, and either link it or quote it,
but Blogger isn't being very cooperative at the moment.
(blogger's back on, so I added the link...which, incidentally did not include the following synopsis.)
The gist of it is this:
Mondays suck
Wednesday is Hump Day
Thursdays are cool because "tomorrow is Friday!"
Fridays are self-explanatory
but...poor little Tuesday had nothing.
Nothing bad, nothing good, nothing funny.
So, I gave it a little tweak.

Without futher ado--
(and mostly because A. my husband is due back from his business trip in about 3.2 minutes, and B. I have that stupid poem I keep whining about to submit by midnight, and if all that fails to occupy me into the wee hours of the morning, C. I have my history of rock n roll exam on Thursday, which is only 3 more nights of studying, for those of you keeping track at home...am I done? oh yeah, one of these: ) Now I'm done....or finished, actually.

And, technically,
I believe that was further ado,
so I apologize.

Did you think I would let those shit heads from last week stop me?
As if.
Have a happy day!

Homework's up.

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