Saturday, December 10, 2005

Is it time to shower yet?

It's only 4pm, afterall.
I mean, that's not even dinner time.
Ok, fine, I have been in bed most of the day,
recovering from being up most of the night with boy #2.
No biggie.
we're all fine again, it's life, ya know?

Today I feel like writing fiction.
I feel like spinning a tale, like a spider web of shimmering lies.
At least, that's what I felt like doing when I logged in.
Perhaps it was just the lingering fog from my flu-y thing and the relentlessness with which I've continued to do my christmas shopping.
and no, I'm in no danger of having ugly credit card bills after the holidays.
Hubby is way too meticulous for that.

I am feeling...
fuzzy, I guess.
I want to dazzle you,
tickle you--
taste you.
I want to make you laugh so hard your sides hurt,
and make out til our lips are chapped.
I want to be
under the sea...
in an octopus's garden in the shade.
I reallly do--
I'm not just quoting the Beatles.
I have always wanted to be a mermaid.
I have this strange feeling it'll never happen.
Damn and blast being a grown up!

Oh hey, to those of you who have asked if you may link me?
of course you may!
I feel silly addressing the issue, frankly, so let's all just skip the awkward silence and the darting eyes,
the shifting feet,
the hands in the pockets,
the glances at the clock or a watch or the door--
link me all day long, and into the night.
I may just have time to add some of the links I've discovered in the past week or so, too.
What with the husband out of town, let's just say I have a bit more free time in the evenings.
I'm supposed to be working on a big surprise...
and now that puke fest '05 has moved along into the realm of the outer world,
I think I'll be able to get some stuff done.
If only I can resist the siren's call of blogging my damn fingers off.
It is a procrastinator's wet dream, ya know?
There is a never ending supply of interesting content--
from all walks of life, and some runs, too.
But it's going to be great, this project, if I can finish it.
There could even be a little something in it for YOU.

blah blah black sheep.
I better go order a pizza.
because that's always a great thing to shovel on top of a recently expunged abdominal cavity.
(ok, I know that was probably physiologically incorrect, but I really liked "recently expunged" and "cavity"..."stomach" didn't sound right, and "gastrointestinal" sounded too ME.)

Don't let me forget to do that one thing.
or that other one.

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