Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Someone said I should be sleeping...

but the words didn't match the grooves in my ears,
or was that that soles of my feet?
There was discord.

I am heading
for the bedding
which lies atop my bed.
But right now
I'm chilly and needing to write.

That was my half-heart, full-farted attempt at a poem.
Because I thought those first two lines would sound so silly and soft,
if rhymed.
and they did.
But thenI was too sleepy for more.

Today I had the bright idea to take my children inside to eat at Wendy's.
They were a little wound-up, but in a good way.
Discussion turned to "finish your chicken so you'll grow big and strong."
which then led to a question from Oliver:
"Are all moms smaller than dads?"
I answered this, like I answer the kaleidescope of questions they hurl at me, daily--
as clearly and concisely as possible.
"No, not always."
Then added my always-regretted little footnote--why I do this is beyond me.
It never fails to lead to exasperation, at the least, and mortification as it did today.
"No, not always. We have big men in our family."
Max pipes in, "We have big PENISES in our family!!"
Nice and loud.
Good times.
Hey, at least he didn't say we have small ones...

I am just full of great ideas, sometimes.
It's like I work in a lightbulb factory.
...but then, other times it's as if I could get fired from the M&Ms factory for throwing away the Ws...
It's a possibilty, it really is.
I'm flakey.
And after I learned that Einstein was flakey, I decided that I must be a genius.
Which is why I have a 3 car garage.
(to store my ego.)

See, here's the problem with not being asleep right now:
My eyes are open.
My fingers are moving.
it's not exactly like being awake.
oh, it's similar alright.
but my bed is laughing at me right now--
taunting me.
daring me!!
how do I use exclamation points when I'm yawning?
that's quite audacious of me.
I should.


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