Thursday, December 08, 2005

Did you hear that?

Well, I bet you felt it, at least.
A sigh....
so deep, so full that it sent tremors across this desert.
My semester is
I turned in my Poetry project last night,
and have already been told I'm gettin an A in that class.
I took my last section exam for History of Rock n Roll today,
and somehow didn't bomb it, even though I only reviewed about half the notes.
God DAMN I suck.
(say it with me, girls: but at least I'm good at it!)
So far I have a B in that class, and if I take the optional final I can increase my grade, so I probably will.
Oh yeah, and I posted the final drafts of my 5 poems, for English class.

In case anyone was wondering...
I did not forget that...
Today is Half-Nekkid Thursday!

So...where were we?
Oh yeah!
Yesterday's post.
You guys are amazing, you know that?
I am seriously in love with each and every one of you--madly, deeply, wrenchingly.
I am going to run away and live out every last story...
er, well...I'm thinking there were a couple of fairly undesirable ones,
But they were all great stories.
There was such warmth, such vividness.
It was fun, wasn't it?
I am going to export those from haloscan and print them out...
they're like grade school Valentines,
or high school year books...
only with less chocolate and bad hair, respectively.

Guess what's bad about having had a blog for 3 years?
Sometimes I feel like my best is behind me.
I'll think of writing about something--
some little annoyance or a barely perceptible flaw in my perfect soul (ha!!!)--
and then I realize that I've already written about whatever it is.
I guess I should pretend I've never written anything before, eh?

Or maybe I should just start recycling my posts and take a damned vacation.
Or an undamned vacation...
An unmanned aircraft??

Since I have a long list of things to do,
staring up at me from my peripheral vision...
just to the left of my left arm...
(more like glaring, now that I think of it)
I better go.
and nowhere on that list is "drag out this fairly crappy post",
and neither is, "go read all my favorite blogs,"
or "take applications for a full-time neck nibbler,"...
I'll have to see if I can sneak that last one onto the list.
It is Christmas, afterall...
I could always ask for that for Christmas, couldn't I?
I wonder what kind of salary and benefits package that kind of position would command?
Hm...on second thought, maybe I'll just go be someone else's full time neck nibbler...

one down, eleven to go.

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