Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Bra-less Tuesday

That's right.
i'll boycott if you will!
i did it last thursday and it was so much fun, i thought i'd try it again.
the only exception to this will be for work-out purposes.
that's just not healthy for the long-term life of the breast, you know.
oh, don't misunderstand--
i'm NO feminist.
hell, if anything, i'm closer to your traditional 80's "male chauvenist pig".
(or however you spell that)
and i don't mind bras in general.
but some days i'd rather not wear one.
(and on the plus side, it's freezing cold here today! heh.)
so join me--
we'll fly free today, girls!!

so yesterday i ran into a girl i used to work with at fucking BYU.
we flipped burgers in the snackbar my sophmore year.

that reminds me...
we get little flyers on our door occasionally.
from the mormons.
inviting us to parties or whatever.
the most recent one was a list of events for the year...
the line i liked the best was:
"come join in some fun with people who share your values".
last time i CHECKED--
i don't have a whole lot in common with these dipshit clones.
MY values?
how do they know what MY values are?
i'll ride with ya to the ten commandments, and that's about where it ends, asswipes.
in an effort to not get off on a rant here, i think i'll stop.
living in utah is nice.
living in utah is nice.
living in utah is nice.
living in utah is nice.
i feel better now.

my hips are sore from golfing.
isn't that hilarious?
well, not my hips, but the muscles connecting to my hips.
it's actually rather inconvenient.
...and i'll leave it at that.
but my husband said that means my swing is good.

do you know who i HATE?
people who buy large bags of chocolate type candy...
it's not fair.
i mean...it's not like i could actually NOT eat the stuff.
the idea of ME having enough self-control for something like that is...
so, don't ever buy me desserts.
cuz then i'll love you and hate you, very intensely and simultaneously--
and the whole thing just gives me a headache.

i rearranged my kitchen yesterday.
it was super duper exciting.
so much so, in fact, that i had to use a word combination like "super duper" just to convey the sheer brilliance of it.
this is how boring my life is.
but i like it...
whenever i get restless, i just think about all the dreams of white-picket fence life i had when i was younger...
and here I am.
it's a little different than i imagined--
(i'm not julia roberts, i don't exlusively thrive on having a spotless house, and my husband doesn't wear a suit to work)
but it is just as good.

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