Sunday, January 02, 2005

Why am I posting?

Why ask why?
(but don't drink Bud Dry...)
I think that I'm itching for a new week to start,
and I haven't really registered that it's a new YEAR.
I think that I am itching for a new era to start...
I think that I am itching...
cuz I have dry skin, sickos.
I think that sometimes I want to write things but I don't write them....
and I know I am far too self-centered, even though I am also extremely giving.

i think i've already written every original thought i will ever have.
but of course, that's ridiculous.
i will, on the other hand, probably never get my ass in gear to do anything productive.
it's okay, i'm not complaining.
i just know who i am.
...besides, i've found no more certain way to knock the wind out of my own sails than to promise to do something.
it's a tricky little setup but at least i'm aware of how it works.
fucking self.

so I was telling my husband the other day,
that I want to take a class in Linguistics.
then I regretfully informed him that if i do take such a class,
his services would no longer be required...
because i would have constant, spontaneous orgasms just from doing my homework.
while this is a bit of an exaggeration,
it is a pretty good representation of the scope of excitement i would feel.
so, why, you may ask, am i not enrolled in such a class?
see the end of that last paragraph.
mostly, i'm just silliness.
through and through, top to bottom, front to back.
I am a complete lack of seriousness.
I am a vacum of importance.
and that, my friends, is just the way i like it.
happy god damned motherfucking cock sucking new year, bitches.
(say that ten times fast. no, not because it's a tongue-twister, but because i think you'll get an adrenaline rush and want to go out a punch someone in the nuts.)

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