Tuesday, January 18, 2005

What's that you say?

Braless Tuesday?
Well, I'll see what I can do about that...

Which reminds me--
the origins of this "holiday" are simple:
Tuesday didn't have a "thing"...
like, Monday sucks because it's MONDAY.
Wednesday is Hump Day,
Thursday is great because "tomorrow's friday!"
and Friday is the best because, well duh.
So, I thought, what the hell?
We'll spice up Tuesdays just a bit.
anyway, what's my point?
oh yeah!
January is a bit of a downer month, right?
so maybe it could use something...
something really great to look forward to.
like, national free carribean cruise week?
nah, that'd never work.
how about upping Mardi Gras by a few weeks and pushing it beyond the boundaries of N'Awlins?
that sounds perfect to me, but i might not be able to make it happen--especially this year.
i could go on all day with silly suggestions, but I will spare you--
THIS time.

So, after my piss-poor account of a great night out, I bring to you--
The Other Perspective.
I'm not sure why I felt the need to hold back--
perhaps because I didn't want to brag that I met the coolest blogger on the block,
or because I didn't want to giggle like a dopey kid over meeting said blogger, and risk looking like-- A DOPEY KID.
so what does that make me?
that's right ladies and gents--
a dopey damn kid.
He captured the night, in its truth and entirety (which i'm having a bloody awful time spelling properly), and I urge you to read it.
and, frankly, if you're not reading him regularly you should be shot.
or at least ashamed of yourself.
the only reason i can think of for NOT reading him is that you are intimidated by someone who's a better writer than you are.
get over it.
and as far as that goes--
be jealous.
we had a great time, and you weren't there!!
okay...so maybe that's the sort of thing i was trying not to say...
that little man soooo wanted to fight Whitey, btw.
Why do tiny men have enormous trucks??
And I forgot to mention the lovely woman who was trying to teach me how to play pool,
right as Whitey showed up.
I couldn't figure out how to shut her up, and I was beginning to panic.
She was very pretty, EC's type, definitely.
but, she wouldn't stop wtih the "your cue ball is the knife and the ball you're aiming for is an apple--cut it up."
what the fuck, lady??
And the bartender had great tits, or so thunk the boys.
okay, fine, i agreed!
and yes, I'll second the turd-in-a-box for Mapquest.
fucking morons.
sometimes they get it right.
sometimes they get it soooooooo wrong.
the joke whitey mentions...
it's so good, i would consider having a sex change just so i could tell it.
okay...i think i've done all the damage i can.
it was a pleasure, Travis.

I finally got my San Fransisco pictures up, on Buzznet.
and wouldn't ya know it?
their marvelous little "change the date to reorder photos" utility really smoothed that process out for me!!
have i mentioned that i heart them?
and glove them?
somehow that makes me think cardio surgeon...

oh, and did I mention?
I left my heart in San Fransisco.
(but he'll be home in a few days)
hahahahahahaa--I've waited my whole life to say that!!
he's not really in san fran, anyway.
so I guess I'm a big fat liar.

happy Hard Nips Tuesday, and I'll get a picture up soon.

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