Saturday, January 22, 2005

Weekends, and other (less-good) stuff...

first of all, it is important to note:
the darling husband finally made it home,
a day late and a suitcase short.
(well, 2 actually)
they still don't know where his bags are.
they've been in delta's custody for 50 hours or so,
and have been sited at several airports across the west,
but have yet to be re-captured.
oh well.
the funny thing is, less than 12 hours before checking those bags,
my husband told me this joke:
A man goes up to the ticket desk for Delta and says, "I'd like a ticket to L.A., please. And could you send my suitcase to Denver, my duffel bag to Seattle, and my attache case to Phoenix?"
"Sir, we don't do that, we're an airline."
"Well, you did it last week!"

we had a good chuckle over it.
until it happend TO US.
dun dun DUN.
just kidding.

so anyway, yeah the reunion was warm and wonderful and rather wet.
lots of muffled screams.
(muffled, because it's getting a little weird for our kids to ask us why I was crying or if daddy was hurting me or whatever...ugh...)
and this morning?
Becky (who always calls during or just after) will be relieved to know that yes, we did finally squeeze in our round of saturday morning sex--
learned a little something new about myself, re: a certain position.
but i'm not telling...
that reminds me, she actually posted, and I believe she wrote something bitchy about me.
just kidding.
but i haven't had a chance to read it yet, so it's entirely possible.
well, except for the fact that I'M the bitch in this relationship.
...uh, we're in a relationship now??
that's bound to piss off at least one husband, one ex-husband or one sometimes- girlyfriend, between us.

so after a lazy, lusty morning, we had to head to the city for a pee-wee basketball game with the step son.
just as we pulled into the parking lot, little Oliver says, "mom...i need to puke..."
My eyes darted around for something to catch the stuff,
while I spoke soothingly...
I leaped out and stood there like an idiot while he hurled on himself.
being totally grossed out, as always, and wishing i had found something to catch it.
so that was fun.
walked all through that damned Rec center looking for a bathroom, to finish the clean-up job.
the one i knew of, was closed for repairs.
after much to-ing and fro-ing,
and lugging of pukey boy,
and eventually needing to find hubby to take him into a locker room,
he was cleaned up.
good GOD.

we did drive by our new house.
so the kids could get a look.
we didn't end up closing friday, cuz the documents weren't quite ready.
not a surprise at all.
but it was really cool to see it again...
and to discover that the pool and playground for the neighborhood are on our street.
less than 2 blocks down.
it's a new neighborhood, very nice.
some houses still going up, ours is less than 2 years old.
I got kind of excited, escorting the kids through the back yard.
I can't begin to express how marvelous it will be to have a roomy back yard.
maybe i'll even plant some veggies this year...

so it was a fun day, and all is swell.
i just got off the phone with another best friend,
and we've planned our next great adventure.
yeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaw!!
it's been too long.

hope y'all are having happy weekends.
hugs and kisses to some of you, handshakes and winks to the rest.

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