Saturday, January 08, 2005

Ode to Buzznet...

They are the hosts of so many of my silly, sexy or scenic shots...
they are free, they are easy to use,
they are warm and safe and encouraging.
I love them.
I made a complaint, rather childishly, and they responded graciously by solving the problem--
just like that.

I would bake them brownies and mix up margaritas if they were here
(or i was there).
I would do my happy dance, and probably flash them.
I would massage their aching necks, and laugh at all their jokes.
If we were in Junior High, they would be my new crush.
If they were a rock band I would buy all their CDs.
If they were a movie I would quote them, ad naseum.
they are, quite simply, my heroes.

I posted this picture,
and in less than 24 hours received this response...

Your gesture is heard. We've allowed you to modify the date on your photos. this , in turn, will allow you to change the order of them. also, if the photo you're posting is old you can make the date of the post actually reflect the time the photo was taken.

we haven't had the time or engineering resources to build a drag+drop-type of web page that would allow you to just drag your photos around to the order you want. This will get built eventually.

hope this is cool.

I didn't even think anyone would see it!!
I am stunned.
And I hope they forgive my fiesty gestures.
(although, I suppose, if they don't, they can...take another look at the pic, right?)

And on a related note...
nah, there's nothing that relates to that.
I gotta get to the gym.
have a great saturday, kiddos.
love your neighbor,
and not like THAT.
(unless he/she is hot, in which case, go to it.)

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