Tuesday, January 11, 2005

home....home on the range....

where the deeeeer and the antelope play...
or at least the game on the walls was more memorable than the pool competition.
and we saw darby.
the girl who gets relentlessly ridiculed by us on a regular basis--
even though we hadn't seen her in years....
and did i mention i went out with Becky tonight?
I should have mentioned it.
we had more fun than most people did tonight.
and no, that really wasn't an innuendo of any kind.
we just did.
and why?
because we're funnier than most people,
and we drank more more than the average joe might consume on a monday (when it's not really football season.)
and she didn't fail to meet interesting people, never does.
it was a good night.
girlfriends are rejuvenation for my soul.

I forgot to tell ya--
i got a call while i was taking my kids to the gym,
that someone wanted to come see the house.
by the time i got them to school and got back, i had 45 minutes.
clean my ENTIRE house.
I nearly had a heart attack--
but i did get it up to par.
i had a better workout, flying around my house swearing profusly,
than i did at the gym.
maybe i should power-clean more often...

i crave experience...
it's like water running through the earth of me,
cutting trenches--small ones, narrow ones...
but deep.

i will see the Redwood forest this weekend.
i think it will move me.

if i feel like it, i just might post a picture today.
but right now, i don't.
right now...
i am ready to sleep off some beer.
and i wish i had a life-sized man-flavored teddy bear to snuggle...
in fact.
i more than wish it.

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