Saturday, January 29, 2005

and did I mention--

"I'M BACK!!!!!"?

yeah, well I am.
was I gone?
no, not really.
but I wasn't here, either.
or should I say, I wasn't here, either...

Skittles taste good after re-heated pizza.
but when the pizza only heats in segments and you hit a cold spot--
that's not terribly pleasant.
for some reason, eating COLD pizza is different from eating warmed up pizza and finding a cold spot....
what a crazy life I lead!!
can you STAND the excitement???
I know I can't.
I mean, really.
it's almost too much to bear.
but damn if those skittles don't taste like a rainbow!!

I almost forgot--
I got a most rude and hurtful comment this morning, from a reader who was so repulsed by me that he/she/it wasted 77 minutes researching my site(s) and coming to some really interesting, if unfounded, conclusions.
Mostly, my reaction was, "huh, that's funny."
But, of course...
I'm a girl, and have a sensitive side (was that redundant???) so it felt a little bad.
but only a little, because obviously this person knows even less about me than the people who like me around here, and even y'all don't know the full version.
this is a place for me to express the most adult side of me,
as I spend most of each day wrapped up in my matched set of handsome, funny little angels.
this is a place for ME to be vulgar and sexy and silly, because I don't get the chance to do that in my real life very often.
I am not making excuses, as the cowardly commenter deserves none.
I am simply addressing this for the sake of those of you who may wonder.

I wasn't planning on addressing the comment, at all, but now that I'm here,
it sounds like it might be fun...
I'll try to refrain from personal attacks on this person's ability to express him/her/itself.
clearly, self-expression is not a strong point, but that's okay.
It makes me giggle, just to read it, actually.

I stumbled across your blog. I'm confused by the whole "I'm a mom, I'm a mormon, I'm a wife" thing. Its confusing with your "I'm a wanna be chat whore writing stories online and looking for acceptance from a bunch of strangers who I don't know" concept. I guess I don't understand that. Also, what gives with showing the world your tits and crotch photos? Who are you writing for? Sad I think. Sorry I stumbled onto your site.
Anonymous | Email | Homepage | 01.29.05 - 5:15 am | #

1. I am not looking for acceptance from ANY of you, just so's ya know.
I write what I write because it's fun for me.
and you all know that, so we're cool.
i MAY write to get attention, but not acceptance.
I looooooooooooooves me some attention--I'm a youngest child, what can I say?
2. another personal favorite is "strangers who I don't know."
actually, they are strangers who I know.
oh wait, that's a contradiction.
so maybe YOURS was redundant. for thought.
3. also, you didn't "stumble" onto my blog--
you entered the URL by hand and came here on purpopse,
spending 77 minutes here, trying your hardest to see me in a bad light.
We see what we want to see, don't we kids?
Ole Anonymous was looking for Bad Lisa, and there I was.
4. I'm not sure where this person got the idea that I'm a "wanna be chat whore."
This disturbs me, actually.
There is nothing on here to indicate that I have ever or would ever chat in a whore-ish manner.
My IM info is not listed, currently, so it's a HUGE assumption on the part of the anonymous bully.
5. and I am, most assuredly, NOT a mormon.
6. another thing I would like to know, is why can't a wife and mother be sexy?
and express this sexiness through writing and mostly-tasteful photos?
I have never posted "nudity" here, and I would never/will never do so.

so that was my fun for the day.
truly, made me giggle, so a hearty "thank you!" to anonymous.

going out tonight, for some much needed time with mr. husband between his business trips and moving.

hope you're all having as gorgeous of a weekend as I am.
morning quickies, chocolate chip pancakes, and catching up on 24/Alias season beginnings.

***Skittles update: there IS a limit. bleh. most definitely a limit. I would recommend stopping before the rainbow leaves what feels like a pot of gold in your gut. but do whatever works for you.

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