Thursday, January 06, 2005

tired and sick and sore and fat

--are four adjectives I would use to describe YOUR MOM.
I'm kidding.
I always hated those "yer mom" jokes.
probably because my Mom is an angel.

anyway, enough of that.
I was pleased to see so many wonderful comments from you dear ones!
and I am going to respond here, rather than in the comments.
cuz i god damn feel like it, that's why.
don't ask so many questions.
just shut up and drop your pants.

you guys rock!!!

all of you.

and for those of you who are new here, meet Chaz, my sexy-sweet-bite-is-worse-than-his-bark Guard Dog. ...I keep him chained under my bed--well, whenever he doesn't have me chained TO it...

and as for Kat and I in a naked fight?
That would be hot enough to melt all 12 inches of this damn snow.
Redhead is also cordially invited...

frankly, i feel a little overwhelmed at the rest of the comments...
it was, most assuredly, a buffet for my ego,
and I thank you all.
except whitey, who thinks it's okay to hit girls.
okay, fine--
he would be well within his rights to hit me if i was attempting to kick his ass.
but still.
i hit like a girl.
and throw like a girl.
and run like a girl.
and fuck like one, too (fortunately).

so, the moral of the story is:
sorry, i can't stop laughing at my use of "moral" for long enough to churn one out.

moral or lack of any one, not withstanding...
it is probably time for me to go.
BEFORE i start whining about my day.
it was a long one, and i'm fighting a virus of some non-computery kind,
and i drove long distances in lots of crappy weather with broken windshield wiper fluid squirters...
translation: couldn't see SHIT.
i don't think I hit anyone/anything, but I'll never really know.
fucking snow.
fucking piece of shit car.
(someone call my husband and remind him to buy me a new one as soon as we sign on the GOD DAMN MOTHER FUCKING NEW STUPID HOUSE and its 3 car garage and fucking fireplace. fucking house.)

thanks for letting me vent.
(whether you wanted to or not)
it comes with the pleasure of my soothing sexy words, sorry.
it's a package deal.
heeheee--typical woman, i guess.

i'm going!!!

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