Sunday, January 02, 2005

Is it still January?

I thought so.
but it's hard to tell from inside--
everything looks the same from here.
and i'm thirsty.
but waaaaaay too lazy to get up and fill my water bottle.
like, by a huge percentage of lazy.
so this means that i suck.
or actually, it means that i would be too lazy to suck.
and another thing i've learned is that i can't party two days in a row.
and did i say i wasn't going to drink on new year's eve??
what a crock.
i did not get wasted, but i did get a hangover.
by my calculations, this means i'm too fat.
it's a strange theory and very complicated, but take my word for it.

after napping on and off all day yeseterday,
we took the kids out for some dinner and bowling--
like i'm going to fucking cook on a day like that???
hell no.
it was fun, but the bowling alley was fairly crowded and that's never easy with two active 4 year olds...
they love to bowl, but they throw the ball so slowly that each turn takes 20 minutes.
we were there for 7 hours and only bowled one frame.
okay, i'm exaggerating a bit, but you get the idea.
so, here we are in crowded-ville, and in the lane RIGHT next to us, practically tripping over each other,
is the little boy my friend started dating right before she left her husband.
yes, in case you've forgotten, 2004 was the year of everyone i know getting divorced,
and cheating was involved everywhere, even though it wasn't actually the cause.
so I should have said hi to the kid (a pretty little 22 year old) cuz i did hang out with him a couple of times with her...
but it seemed weird.
so i didn't.
i just checked out his date, and wondered if he's still seeing my friend. year's eve stories....
i know there were some, but i think the alcohol may have wiped them from my memory.
well, there was the time my friend was mentioning that her ass is bigger than she would like it to be.
and my husband pipes in with, "it's no bigger than lisa's!"
yes, actually it is.
and we both have eyes to see that, but thanks.
if i was a little more sensitive, i would have been rather hurt by that.
but i'm a big girl.
and i know when my husband is drunk enough to say stupid shit.
and i know that of all my flaws, having an ass that's larger than i want it to be is not one of them.
i could use a bit more, in my opinion.

the Mr. Bored went out for a couple of hours and came back with--
a PS2 and a trunk full of gear to go with it.
a wireless handset so he can sprawl out in the bedroom without worrying about how close he is to the thing.
and a headset and network stuff so he can play against his brother in Oregon.
I guess I'm going to have to learn how to play...
I am really terrible at video games, though.
I can't even win at Pac Man, for chrissakes.
and I enjoy Tetris but I wouldn't say I'm very good at it.
It's kind of depressing.
actually, what's funny, is that whenever i spend an hour or so playing tetris,
inevitably my thoughts turn to what a ridiculous waste of time it is to be playing that.
now, i'm not condemning anyone, don't get me wrong.
i think everyone needs to relax and games are a good way to do that.
it's just not for me, i guess.
it's weird.
I think somehow i just lost cool points.
how ironic.

so here's a little something that someone said to me this morning, because it made me smile:

And let me start the new year by saying this...
each time I look out of the window...
whether it's raining or sunny...
I can't help but think it's just air between you and I...
not walls...
not locks..
just air.

I could tell you who said it, but then I'd have to kill you.
well, not really.
but that sounds tough.
and i like to sound tough.

I will be compensated for my husband's purchase of said PS2, by the way...
I'm sort of a brat like that.
He is in charge of finances, so he gets to do stuff like drop $300 on a new gaming system just cuz he feels like it, but I don't.
so whenever he buys his season golf pass, or something like this--
I always smile and clear my throat and bat my eyes...
and say, " IIIII get a prize?"
I'm such a dork.
but he lets me.
(but only cuz i'm good in bed)
i'm boring, though--the only thing i want to spend money on is clothes.
that's a good incentive to work out harder, too.
who wants to buy fat clothes???

i'm acting like a "girl".
i better go before i start to annoy myself.

i wish you all lots of happiness in the new year--
and wisdom to make the right choices.

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